A retail manager/merchandiser’s take on fashion and the pursuit of the perfect wardrobe.

I have worked with clothes in a variety of ways; as a retail manager outfitting clients, and a merchandiser styling mannequins as well as deciding the display of merchandise within a store interior. Even with these skills, my most challenging experience has been dressing myself.

I have read and watched a plethora of articles, books, TV shows, and movies as to “how to dress” and concerning “the trend you should be wearing this season.” Even with all this advice, I find it hard to balance the fun and frivolity of fashion (like buying a floor-length pink tu-tu skirt) and the rationality of building a functional wardrobe (will I really wear that tu-tu skirt out of the house?). Through this quest for knowledge, I have learned quite a few lessons of what works and what doesn’t, though I am still perfecting a fool-proof system (if one exists).

So here I am documenting the few things I have found out during my pursuit of the perfect wardrobe (I think that statement was in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, until it was found that “perfect wardrobe” was interchangeable with “happiness”). And in case you were wondering about the name of this blog, I just always had a fondness for the word “tastemaker,” its definition is “a person who decides or influences what is or what will become fashionable.” What’s a higher goal than that?

Here I hope you will find some inspiration and guidance as I share ideas, tricks, and tips  as I learn to create a wardrobe that is fun, functional, and very personal.

Thank you for stopping by, and I do hope you’ll visit again.



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