New Season, New Makeup, New Look

New Season, New Makeup, New Look

One of the things I love about a change of season, along with the change of clothes, is updating my makeup choices. Makeup can play an integral part in finishing your outfit, really completing the “look.” As much as an outfit can determine your makeup (such as wearing a fuchsia lip to coordinate with a fuchsia handbag), the seasons can also help or hinder your look. Think about it, how would face shimmer and candy pink lips look with a thick maroon sweater and black jeans? Looks like your face didn’t get the memo that it’s not summer anymore.

So, that brings us to Fall, with its earth-tone hues and chillier temperatures. My favorite make-up for this season are lipsticks and blushes in varying shades of berry, mauve, and nude with matte textures. Now I love shimmery cosmetics, but I save these for the Spring/Summer months, when it makes sense to look a little dewy in the hot sun. If you simply can’t live without your highlighter, choose one with a cold-colored shimmer, such as a neutral shade, instead of a warm, bronze one. I suggest NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Snow Rose.

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For lips one of my favorite products is matte liquid lipstick, it goes on smooth and even, making it easy to apply with precision. I highly recommend L’ORÉAL Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick for it offers a bunch of great shades for Fall.

Image result for Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick in roseblood

I would also suggest investing in a lighter/colder shade of foundation, since your tan will quickly fade away. L’ORÉAL also offers True Match Super Blendable Makeup foundation categorized by cool, warm, and neutral shades, to make the selection easier. A paler face makes a dramatic backdrop for deep berry or nude matte lips, as well.

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I encourage you to shake things up and try a new shade of lipstick or blush this season, you’ll instantly feel updated. New season, new face (plastic surgery is not advised…)


Top Trends for Fall 2017

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With last Friday officially starting the autumn season, it’s time to take a look at the best trends for Fall. This year is the year of classics, from menswear-inspired suiting, to timeless plaids, to always-popular denim. Sure, there are some other obvious trends. like Americana/Western and 1960’s Go-Go Girl metallic, but the top trends are wardrobe staples and will stand the test of time (okay, I may have thrown in a few wild cards in here, too).

Suiting & Plaid

Whether you decide to go full-throttle in a coordinating suit, blazer with jeans, or take a more feminine approach with a skirt, the suiting trend is one that I can get behind. What makes it even better? How about a county-club inspired herringbone or Glen Plaid? LOVE. Plaids are reminiscent of boarding school uniforms and horse-back riding, what more appropriate way to signal the Fall season? Not to mention they only get better when wintertime rolls around.


A wonderful combination with plaid this season has been velvet, whether in a simple ribbon wrapped around the waist of your blazer or a floor-length gown, it’s not only a gorgeous sheen but a great weight (does that rhyme?) material for the season. It’s instant luxury, but don’t hesitate to wear a little velvet tank with a distressed pair of jeans either.


Denim is always big, c’mon it’s denim. So break out your Canadian Tuxedo!


If you have read my previous posts, you know that I am a huge fan of this color! All year round, all the time, you can’t go wrong with red.


Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves with the innards of a teddy bear? Not only does shearling serve on a practical level with its warmth and intoxicating coziness, it’s a great texture to add interest to any outfit.


On days off, there is nothing better than a great athleisure outfit; comfortable, practical, and unexpectedly chic. Runway’s this season were particularly taken to a retro vibe, monochromatic leggings and jacket combos in primary colors with striping or graphic detailing. Whether you choose classic black or grey, or your favorite crayon color, you can be sure you’re as comfortable as stylish.

Yellow Ocre

Another one of my favorite colors, yellow, is a perfect shade for Fall in a golden-hue. It likens back to autumn foliage without getting into dull shades of brown and burgundy. It’s serves as a wonderful pop to an outfit, whether in a pair of shoes or blazer. And don’t even get my started on the magical combination of….be still my heart…yellow velvet…OMG!!!

Winter Florals

I love bringing in candy-colored, Spring-colored hues for Winter, as a way to brighten up the sometimes dreary atmosphere. Another unexpected style-choice are florals, from jewel-tones to pastels. Fashion is about breaking rules, and there’s no better way to do it than a floral sun dress and a shearling coat during chilly-weathered months.


As I like to call, “Undone” styling is the easiest way to get that “cool-girl” vibe. It’s a half tuck of a shirt, scrunched up sleeves, a button or two more than needs to be undone. But this season the actual garments are taking the same approach, creating a messy, but effortlessly chic look. One of my favorite pieces is this top, with a few buttons left unbuttoned to expose some shoulder (scandalous!).

BONUS: My favorite way to sneak in the glitter trend….

Metallics and glitter are continuing to be big this fall, from silver lame dresses, to well, every other article of clothing. My favorite way to wear this look is with glitter booties, like these. Imagine, a cute top, little jacket, jeans, and then BAM, glitter boots. It’s like literally adding an “!” to your outfit.


The Tastemaker Strategy + Society6 = A Match Made in Heaven

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Color Story: The Key to an Effortless Wardrobe

colors 2As a visual merchandiser for multiple retailers, I’ve dressed hundreds of mannequins from women, to men, to kids. And though they have been as different as dressing to go biking or hiking, to dressing for a graduation or wedding, they all have one thing in common: they follow a specific color story. This means, that between the groupings of mannequins, they all have one or multiple colors in common, in different outfits. So, a female mannequin could wear an aqua cocktail dress with oranges pumps, and standing beside her, a male mannequin could be wearing an aqua and orange print tie with a aqua pocket square. The same goes for a grouping of same-sex mannequins. It’s just more pleasant to the eye to see a common color thread throughout a presentation instead of a jumble of hues that may or may not go with each other.

This is a great rule to apply to your wardrobe. Have you ever looked in your closest and felt overwhelmed by seemingly incoherent choices? How many times have you brought an item home thinking you’ll have something to go with it, and find that nothing quite goes. Color plays a major role in wardrobe choices, it’s the first thing your eyes compute. So to create a color story is to create a wardrobe that encompasses a range of colors that work well together. I.e. making choosing an outfit easier.

At first this might sound limiting or matchy-matchy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You just need to be strategic about your foundation pieces, so you’ll still have the option of adding an unexpected color if it tickles your fancy. Though you could start with choosing your neutral colors, I personally like to start with the fun colors that I always find myself drawn to. I call these my signature colors. Whether you know it or not, you probably already have a signature color, it’s the color that you have the most in your wardrobe, or is the color of your phone case, or favorite nail polish. You may even wear so much of this color, that people start to associate the color with you. The reason I like to start here is because how devastating would it be to plan your whole color story, only to find in the end that your signature color doesn’t fit into it. And this color doesn’t necessarily have to be a vibrant or unique color, it can be whatever you’re drawn to, even if it’s just classic black. And again, you may have one or two signature colors.

After designating your signature color(s), you will choose other colors as secondary colors (they’re kind of like the back-up dancers to your signature color). They could be in the same family, creating a monochromatic look, or complimentary, meaning they would pop off each other. I’ll talk more about how to mix these colors together to create monochromatic and color-blocked looks in upcoming posts.

And lastly, you can incorporate your neutrals, the perfect backdrop to your signature and secondary colors. Even though neutrals are designed to go with pretty much everything, there are definitely preferable choices to certain colors. Like khaki typically doesn’t go well with yellow, since they’re not similar enough or different enough (make sense?).

Once you become a pro with the whole color-coordinating thing, it becomes easy to envision whether or not a unexpected color can be incorporated into your color story, as well as seasonal colors you wish to adopt to make your wardrobe feel more “summery,” “wintery,” and so on.

Let’s recap; to create a color story for your wardrobe, you decide what your signature, secondary, and neutral colors are for a cohesive wardrobe. Got it? Got it. Having cohesion in your wardrobe will make picking out outfits effortless, because we all know, an effortless wardrobe makes for a happy girl.